Mobile Games

When you think of gaming, what comes to your mind? Consoles and controllers, right? Well, mobile gaming conjures up the image of a smartphone. The mobile gaming industry is growing at a very fast pace; this is according to revenue and user statistics from research by industry players such as Newzoo.

Mobile games industry to overlap consoles

Mobile Games Industry

Research from Newzoo predicts the global smartphone gaming market will exceed that of the console by 12% by the year 2020. 75% of the revenue gathered at the iOS App Store is from mobile games, and people spend 43% of their mobile app time on games. This can be attributed to the fact that there are more casual gamers than those who own consoles.

Mobile Gaming Uptake

The uptake of Mobile games in 2018 remains high. Think of a worker who has a smartphone and an hour to kill on the way from work or going to work. Such a game fan goes for inexpensive, kill-time games. Game streaming is showcasing the future of entertainment, which is a world of engaging content, created, curated and owned by communities and individual consumers.

Mobile Games Keep You Coming Back

Mobile games keep you coming back by incorporating all kinds of features: some have builds your character in the game, for example, fighting prowess, to give you a crucial edge over competitors. Another tactic employed is daily rewards that hook players. These among other tactics have mobile games on tracks to become the biggest slice of the nearly $100 billion videogame industry. Some games reward players for competing daily against friends.